Meet us in Maryville…

2014 March 29

The Pea Pickin' Hearts at Barley's Maryville tonight!rain, rain

The Pea Pickin’ Hearts will be at Barley’s in Maryville tonight for our debut performance at this particular venue.  We know it’s raining, but we’d like to see those smiling faces anyway.  Join us for pizza, beer & live music!

You won’t rust…we promise!


2014 March 14

Contact the Pea Pickin' Hearts!Surprisingly Enough…

We give out A LOT of business cards.  Most people wouldn’t think that a band would give out that many cards.  But, you too, might be surprised.  I ordered our new ones today using one of the new images from our February photo shoot with John Saunders at The Barn at Chestnut Springs.

I like so many of the images that I order a small number of cards so that I would have the opportunity to order different cards soon, ha.  This isn’t necessarily the sexiest part of what we do, but this is a vast improvement over the floating head cards, eh?

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Deep Breaths…

2014 March 11


Some days are more challenging than others.  For your challenging Tuesday, here’s the softer side of the Pea Pickin’ Hearts–photo and song. (continues below)

Pea Pickin' Hearts, photo by John Saunders at The Barn at Chestnut Springs

We recorded Auld Lang Syne a couple of years ago to round out our Christmas in July album; however, it isn’t really a holiday tune.  “Auld Lang Syne” is a Scots poem written by Robert Burns in 1788 and set to the tune of a traditional folk song.

And to answer the most popularly-asked question we receive after singing this tune: “For auld lang syne,” as it appears in the first line of the chorus, might be loosely translated as “for (the sake of) old times”.

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2014 March 9

HOME away from HOME

We adore playing at The Bunk House in Bulls Gap, TN. It is a really small, listening room environment where the audiences are always smiling–and forgiving.  We enjoy testing out new material, originals & covers, because the audience is always rooting for us, nervous as though they were on stage too. (continues below)

The Pea Pickin' Hearts at The Bunk House--photo by Dan Gibson

Thanks to Dan Gibson, a friend and a fan, for taking this dramatic shot.  We’ll be back for the Hoot in the Hollar in June, and we’ll be touring our new CD in the Fall.  Until then, thank you to Glenn & Charlotte Spayth for giving us a not just a venue, but a place of comfort!

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The Gretsch

2014 March 7

See You Tonight

We are looking forward to seeing you out tonight (Friday, March 7th) at The Bunk House (located at 858 Bulls Gap St. Clair Road, Bulls Gap, TN  37711). $5 cover and $7 for dinner.  We’ll be opening for The Wilhelm Brothers. (Text continues below picture.)

The Pea Pickin' Hearts

As a bonus, here’s a new pic from our February shoot with photographer John Saunders.  After reviewing our film, I thought you might like to see this one.  It features us, mouths agape as usual, and Jon’s new Gretsch.  She makes an appearance on occasion, but not at every show.

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2014 March 6

The Pea Pickin' Hearts at Knoxville's Disc Exchange in 2010!Forgotten
& Photos

For your Throwback Thursday enjoyment, a song and picture from 2010.  The picture was taken by Tony Cox on behalf of i105fm at an in-store performance for the live radio show Homegrown at the Disc Exchange in Knoxville.

The song is from our first CD in 2010, we always forgot about this one.  Oddly enough, it is one of the few songs we STILL play from that CD.  I really love this one.  The song was inspired by my mother-in-law.  She didn’t used to be my biggest fan, but I seem to have won her over after 15+ years. :)

Enjoy this blast from the past…


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Accidental Headshots

2014 March 5

OOPS, he did it again…

Assuming the photographer is taking a break because you aren’t ready can end up with mixed results.  In our case, John Saunders took a pair of lovely candid headshots of us.  AND, we have a shot of Jon SINGING.  Very rare…

Pea Pickin' Hearts--Rachel & Jon

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The Peas at The Barn

2014 February 28

la la la la la

Being caught photographically with our mouths wide open isn’t always our preference, but this may be one of the best shots of the Pea Pickin’ Hearts singing–ever.  Thanks again to John Robert Saunders, the photographer for this shoot, and The Barn at Chestnut Springs for the fantastic backdrop!

THE Pea Pickin' Hearts at The Barn at Chestnut Springs, photo by John Robert Saunders

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By Request…

2014 February 11

ROCKY TOP, of course

I have to admit that I always love to sing the Tennessee Waltz when a UT fan wearing bright orange requests the State song.  If you weren’t aware, Tennessee has several state songs.  Tennessee just keeps adding songs.  If no one specifies, we usually sing the Tennessee Waltz.  But, inevitably, I feel a little guilty for teasing them and give in and play …Rocky Top, of course.

We were playing Rocky Top in a bar at around midnight in Sevierville, TN one night, and a man that had consumed one too many adult beverages stumbled toward the stage.  Looking back and forth between us, he exclaimed, “That wasn’t half bad considering you don’t have a banjo.” :)  We decided to take it as a compliment.

We’re recording a demo CD of covers, and we’ll post a few of the songs here.

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Merry Christmas from The Peas

2013 December 24


is watching.  So, behave or hide it well.  From the Pea Pickin’ Hearts, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Here’s a little song for the holiday season…

See you in 2014!