Going digital…

2014 July 14

Creekwood Crow CD by the Pea Pickin' HeartsTHE TIMES
have changed

So we have a new CD coming out entitled “Creekwood Crow” (8/13/2014), and we’ve made the decision to only release it digitally.  No, really.  We have more and more people buying music digitally, and we’ve decided to downsize our CD merch case and go digital.  We are going to continue to duplicate specialty CDs like our Christmas in July best seller for retail outlets.  But, our original releases will only be sold via digital download cards at shows or online.  Whatcha think? 

In addition, we are contemplating accepting credit cards at shows for merchandise like CDs & bumperstickers AND for tips.  Would you leave a tip via credit card?

We’d like to hear your thoughts.
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SUNDAY brunch…

2014 June 21


Sleep in Sunday, but be sure come see the Pea Pickin’ Hearts
from 12-2 at The Cabin Cafe for GREAT food & #livemusic!

Come see the Pea Pickin' Hearts at The Cabin Cafe in Gatlinburg!Follow the Peas on Facebook!

Morristown Farmer’s Market

2014 June 19


The Morristown Downtown Farmers Market is open for the 2014 season, six days a week, from 9AM to 6PM.  Buy local, fresh produce and hear the Pea Pickin’ Hearts too, Friday, June 20th from 11:30am to 12:30pm. (continues below picture)

Check out the Pea Pickin' Hearts in the Morristown CitizenTribune

We will be performing a rare acoustic show and testing out a few brand new tunes from our upcoming “Creekwood Crow” CD including the title track, Grouse & Grackle and more.  Thanks to the Crossroads Downtown Partnership for inviting us and to the Citizen Tribune for the front-page write up.

Click here to read the full article.



PUSH MY buttons

2014 May 11

Barronelli Button Accordian 2EXTRA

Okay, we don’t really have EXTRA space, but I couldn’t resist this little Barronelli Button Accordion in the key of C.

(A button accordion is a type of accordion on which the melody-side keyboard consists of a series of buttons rather than piano-style keys.)

The original bellows are decent at holding air but understandably show wear. It is in the key of C with 7 treble buttons and 2 bass buttons.  I just couldn’t resist.

Rochelle C-1 ConcertinaThe Barronelli is meant to amuse the senses until the C-1 Rochelle Concertina arrives. 


It is a beauty, and we are excited to experiment with a new rudimentary sound.

Our upcoming CD, Creekwood Crow, has a decidedly Folk feel, and it really came as a surprise to us.  So, this instrument felt like a natural experimental progression.  The Rochelle model (2nd generation) is a 30-button, key of C/G.  Black celluloid finish, white plastic buttons, riveted action, Italian reeds (Cagnoni) and 7-fold bellows.

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2014 May 3


Today, the Pea Pickin’ Hearts received a “Maine Made” treasure from Chris Gray at Riff Wooden Picks Jon usually prefers to play with a Fender teardrop-style pick, and this one will get a try at our Pea Pickin’ Hearts gig at The Cabin Cafe on Sunday, May 4th! (continues below)

The Pea Pickin' Hearts and Riff Wood Picks!

Jon had initial reservations about a wooden pick, given he is used to a slightly flexible Fender Heavy celluloid pick.  However, he appreciates the tone (a little bright & brash) than lends itself to the Appalachian-inspired sounds of the Pea Pickin’ Hearts.

Get your own in the Riff Wood Picks Etsy Shop!

Behind the RED DOOR!

2014 April 28
by The Pea Pickin' Hearts

Come hear the Pea Pickin Hearts at the Red Door Tavern in West Columbia SC!South Carolina
here we come…

The Pea Pickin’ Hearts been planning a short trip back to South Carolina around Father’s Day, and now we have a show to anchor the trip.  Come hear the Pea Pickin’ Hearts play at the Red Door Tavern in West Columbia, SC on Saturday, June 14th.

There’s no cover charge.  We are looking forward to seeing the smiling face of all of our SC peeps!

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Morristown’s SkyMart

2014 April 27

The Pea Pickin' Hearts at the SkyMart Car Show in Morristown TN!What a View!

The Pea Pickin’ Hearts had the distinct privilege of being the band chosen to entertain guests of the SkyMart Car Show in Morristown, TN on Saturday, April 26th! Our stage at the corner of Henry & Main Streets was the primo spot to see every car (view from the stage pictured left).

Thanks to the Crossroads Downtown Partnership, The Hamblen County Car Club & City of Morristown – Government for hosting the Pea Pickin’ Hearts at the SkyMart Car Show!  And a very special thanks to Jersey Girl Diner for lunch!

We had a sensational time and have the tan lines to prove it!  but next time, I think we’d prefer a car in lieu of payment! ;)

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Meet us in Maryville…

2014 March 29

The Pea Pickin' Hearts at Barley's Maryville tonight!rain, rain

The Pea Pickin’ Hearts will be at Barley’s in Maryville tonight for our debut performance at this particular venue.  We know it’s raining, but we’d like to see those smiling faces anyway.  Join us for pizza, beer & live music!

You won’t rust…we promise!


2014 March 14

Contact the Pea Pickin' Hearts!Surprisingly Enough…

We give out A LOT of business cards.  Most people wouldn’t think that a band would give out that many cards.  But, you too, might be surprised.  I ordered our new ones today using one of the new images from our February photo shoot with John Saunders at The Barn at Chestnut Springs.

I like so many of the images that I order a small number of cards so that I would have the opportunity to order different cards soon, ha.  This isn’t necessarily the sexiest part of what we do, but this is a vast improvement over the floating head cards, eh?

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Deep Breaths…

2014 March 11


Some days are more challenging than others.  For your challenging Tuesday, here’s the softer side of the Pea Pickin’ Hearts–photo and song. (continues below)

Pea Pickin' Hearts, photo by John Saunders at The Barn at Chestnut Springs

We recorded Auld Lang Syne a couple of years ago to round out our Christmas in July album; however, it isn’t really a holiday tune.  “Auld Lang Syne” is a Scots poem written by Robert Burns in 1788 and set to the tune of a traditional folk song.

And to answer the most popularly-asked question we receive after singing this tune: “For auld lang syne,” as it appears in the first line of the chorus, might be loosely translated as “for (the sake of) old times”.

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