2010 January 14
by The Pea Pickin' Hearts

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The Pea Pickin’ Hearts have been hard at work on songs for our upcoming CD which will be available from Sounds of the Smokies.  And, I find myself sifting through notes and doodles in the moleskin that travels with me everywhere I go.  “Sky is Blue Truth” kept coming up time and time again…so clearly, it is a song waiting to get out.

The “Sky is Blue Truth” is any obvious truth like, well…the sky is blue. I am always amazed at how easily some folks are offended by the truth.  I understand that hearing the ugly truth or the painful truth is hard, but why are some folks even offended by the “Sky is Blue Truth?”

Here are a few verse lyrics from “Sky is Blue Truth”–still in progress, of course:

Your mother is a lying witch

Your daddy wants to make a switch

Your sister drove into a ditch

Why does the truth make ME the snitch?

Any thoughts on truth-telling?  Share them with me.  Is the tradition of sugar-coating the truth just a Southern form of the euphemism.  I can’t wait to hear from you.  Email me.


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