HARD ROCK: Cabin Fever Week 3

2010 February 6

The Pea Pickin' HeartsJon and I have be checking out the competition each week, and I have to admit that I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the audience.  Live music is addicting.  Here is the video coverage of Week 3 of the Hard Rock Gatlinburg’s Cabin Fever series for singer/songwriters.

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Third place was won by Jeff Taylor.   He sang about the snow on the daffodils that inevitably appears each Spring in east Tennessee.  He refered to the song as his child that he had to let out into the world to be on its own.  I understand, Jeff.  I really do.  Watch the video:

Second place was won by the Pea Pickin’ Hearts.  That’s right folks…we are proud to have taken second with two songs written on a couple of days prior to the competition.  We sang two songs, but since I only post one song from 2nd and 3rd place winners…below you will find the judges’ favorite “55 Toward 40.”   If you would like to see the other song we performed “I See Red,” please visit the our Video Page.

First Place was deservedly won by Rex Gibson.  I find that often in singer/songwriter competitions, participants feel pressured to fit the coffee shop mold, but that was certainly not the case with Rex.  Funny and relaxed with great skills.  I will be back at the Hard Rock on March 4th for the finals to cheer him on to a win.  Below you will find video of both songs Rex performed.  My favorite was “No New Fat Guys in Nashville”…so make sure to watch through to the second song.

No one revealed their websites or MySpace pages this week, but if you know these folks, send their info to me so I can update the post.  We’ll post footage again after the Week 4 Competition on February 18th.  Subscribe to our blog to receive the post in your email.

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