HARD ROCK: Cabin Fever Week 4

2010 February 27

The Pea Pickin' HeartsJon and I have been checking out the competition each week, and I have to admit that I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the audience. Live music is addicting.

Here is the video coverage of Week 4 of the Hard Rock Gatlinburg’s Cabin Fever series for singer/songwriters.

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Third place was won by Amanda and Allen Rigell of Count This Penny.  We loved this duo from Johnson City, TN so much we have become their fan on facebook and signed up for their newsletter on http://www.CountThisPenny.com .  Video has been removed by their request because their sound is now new and improved!  Search for them on youtube.com!

Second place was won by Joel Sebring.  Joel was a big man with an even bigger voice.  With a crowd of supporters on hand, Joel Sebring sang his heart out.  For a man who really likes to rock, he really adapted to the accoustic setting like it was second nature.  Congratulations, Joel!  Watch his performance:

First Place was deservedly won by McGill and Pirkle. This duo won my heart when I realized their self-proclaimed “love song” was about “Cheap Bourbon Whiskey.”  The harmonies on “Walking in the Rain” were a delight to hear as well.  I can’t wait to hear them perform at the Finals on March 4th.  Here are both of the songs they performed last week:

We are excited about the finals coming up on March 4th where each of the winners from the previous weeks will perform 4 songs each.  We’ll post footage again after the Finals on March 4t. Subscribe to our blog to receive the post in your email.

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