BARE FACED: In Honor of Ernie

2010 October 16

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As I explained in the last two posts about the origins of our name, Pea Pickin’ Hearts pays homage to a fairly nice euphemism made famous by Tennessee Ernie Ford, “Bless their little pea pickin’ hearts.” 

Then, I explained my Two Degrees of Separation from Ernie Ford through my mother as Ketron High School’s Sophomore Beauty. 

In the ongoing saga… I have another little tidbit to tell you about the Pea Pickin’ Hearts’ continuing connection to the wonderful Tennessee Ernie Ford with a visual!

Jon and I love community theatre.  Before we moved to East Tennessee AND before we became the Pea Pickin’ Hearts, we spent most of our free time on or behind the stage in everything from Shakespeare to musical variety shows.  In one show, I cast Jon as Tennessee Ernie Ford because he was the only one available that could hit the low notes. 

Take a look at the promo shot…bare-faced and all!  (continues below)

Tennessee Ernie Ford & Pea Pickin' Heart Jon Ives in tribute!

There is an audio recording of Jon singing Sixteen Tons to a karaoke track somewhere.  I promise I’ll look for it.  (There might even be video.)  Keep your fingers crossed.

We are proud to be the Pea Pickin’ Hearts!

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