TRIBUTE to Tennessee Ernie Ford.

2010 October 19

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A Tribute to
Ernie Ford!


As promised a few days ago in the Bared Faced post, I have located the audio of Jon’s tribute to Tennessee Ernie Ford’s hit Sixteen Tons.

Click on the CD cover (pictured left) to hear a Jon’s version from the variety show “Live from Nashville” at the Pine Tree Playhouse in Winnsboro, SC.

Sixteen Tons is a song about the life of a coal miner, first recorded in 1946 by American country singer Merle Travis and released on his box set album Folk Songs of the Hills the following year. A 1955 version recorded by Tennessee Ernie Ford reached number one in the Billboard charts, while another version by Frankie Laine was released only in the United Kingdom, where it gave Ford’s version some stiff competition.  Travis claimed authorship of the song, but a competing claim was made by George S. Davis.

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