PEA PICKIN’ HEARTS and Frank Sinatra

2010 November 3


We get lots of questions about my microphone when we do Pea Pickin’ Hearts gigs.  I am not the sound tech in this duo.  I know enough to ask for the right monitor mix, but the rest is left to Jon. 

When it came time to buy microphones, we really had recording in mind.  Although the Pea Pickin’ Hearts’ sound is more hillbilly than bluegrass, we like the bluegrass standard of using around one microphone… the condenser mic.  Because we sing as much to each other as we do the audience, we thought it would perfect…

Share and share alike, right?

Frank Sinatra - Golden Vocals and Golden MicWe looked through a lot of microphones at a lot of price ranges before deciding on the MXL v67G Condenser Microphone.  This microphone is often described as having a sound that is “old school tube mellow” and “almost like a tube mic, with a smooth almost ribbon-like top-end, a tight low end, and nice pronounced mids and low mids.”  Perfect for vocals.

I really intended to share the microphone, but in the end…I’m not really a good sharer, ha.  My eleven-year-old Oscar would be happy to confirm this for you.

The price was right–about the same as your standard SM57, but once you add the shock mount and a pop filter and/or windscreen, it can be more than you intended to invest.

I love the sound…and the vintage look doesn’t hurt either.  After all, even crooner Frank Sinatra sang it his way…into a golden microphone. continues below

Sinatras Golden Microphone

Visit our new MUSIC PAGE, to listen to a Sneak Preview of our
upcoming CD release as well as a handful of covers that were all
recorded with the
MXL V67G Condenser Microphone!

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