INSPIRED by Vicki Genfan

2010 December 8

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One of The Peas, Jon (whom we’ll call a Split Pea) is headed to the Hard Rock Cafe with Oscar, our very young early pea (you can call him LeSueur) to hear Vicki Genfan play during the Hard Rock Whispers Series.

Vicki Genfan labels her music “Folk meets Funk”.   It’s a blend of jazz, funk, pop and world music in a contemporary folk context.  She uses various uncommon open tunings, complex harmonies and intricate rhythms, combining them with percussive grooves. 

Learn More about Vicki Genfan!Genfan’s playing is characterized by “two handed tappings”, explosive “tapped” and “slapped harmonics” with one or more fingers of the right hand and slapped basslines.

She calls her technique “slap-tap”.  Did you see the movie Autumn Rush?  That isn’t Vicki Genfan playing, but that technique will give you an idea of what any amazing experience it is.  Instead, just watch the video below to see Genfan playing “Atomic Reshuffle” on a Luna Guitar.

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Coming soon…
Pictures and VIDEO of “LeSueur” singing
Dominick the Donkey
in the Gatlinburg Boys & Girls Club Holiday play…
Dressed in a donkey costume. Hehehe.

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