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2010 December 22

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The Pea Pickin’ Hearts have had such a busy couple of weeks, and we are barrelling toward year’s end!  This past weekend we performed a house concert outside of DC, and we made it back in town less than 24 hours before we performed at the Inn at Christmas Place.

As we sang “Christmas Island” at the Inn at Christmas Place, little girls in their footie pajamas hula danced.  It was magical.  We were thrilled to be asked to return on Monday, December 27th.  And, today we learned that two couples who learned we were coming back to sing at The Inn’s Mountain Music Festival made reservations at the hotel just to hear us play. 

We are so flattered! Merry Christmas to us!

Mary and Gerald IvesTomorrow we head out for a holiday trip to SC to see Jon’s family (check out this FABULOUS picture of them) and then back to TN to spend Christmas day with my Mother.  Whew…I’m tired, and we haven’t even packed yet.

To top it all off, we registered to participate in the Hard Rock Cabin Fever Singer/Song-writer series again this year.  Click Here to see videos of last year’s performance. We compete on February 17th and hope you can all come out to cheer us on.  Your support will make the Pea Pickin’ Hearts winners no matter where we place amongst all the phenomenal local talent.

Happy Holidays from The Peas!

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