The Peas’ MUSICAL FAMILY: Amanda George

2010 December 29

Amanda Marie George


As the Pea Pickin’ Hearts, Jon and I are a pretty musical duo, and we are proud that our littlest pea Oscar (aka Lesueur) is on his second year of guitar lessons and sings nearly pitch perfect.  And we can’t forget his recent rousing rendition of Dominick the Donkey at the Boys & Girls Club Holiday production …complete with donkey costume.

But what you may not know
is that the family musical talent
runs even deeper. 


Amanda Marie GeorgeOur niece Amanda Marie George (Jon’s sister Jamie’s daughter) has been entertaining the family at gatherings and holidays for years.  Then at the age of 9 or so, she developed an interest in performing on stage with community theatre. 

One of Jon’s favorite memories was playing Fagin to Amanda’s Oliver in Oliver: The Musical.  She went on to participate in Broadway Bound and other theatres for a number of years.  Now she is participating in the performing arts program at her high school.

Recently, Amanda had the opportunity to sing with John Hartness at the 145 Club in Winnsboro.  Luckily, Amanda’s performance on Allison Kraus’ Nothing at All and Tracy Chapman’s Give Me One Reason were captured on tape for you to enjoy! continues below

Did I mention Amanda is only fourteen?
We see great things ahead for her.  How ’bout you? 

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