CABIN FEVER: Week 1 at the Hard Rock

2011 January 9

See the Pea Pickin' Hearts live at the Hard Rock Gatlinburg on Thursday, February 17th!


The Cabin Fever Singer Songwriter series at the Hard Rock Gatlinburg began this week.  The first of a six-night series (other dates are January 20,  February 3, February 17 with Semi-Finals March 3 and Finals March 17) featuring regional artists showcasing original acoustic songs in competition for nightly prizes as well as a series grand prize.  

The grand prize includes the following: An 8-hour recording session courtesy of Music Row Studios, Appearances on Writer’s Block , Home Grown, Local Mix at Six, and the main performance stage at the Nashville Songwriter’s Festival on June 4, 2011.

Learn more about Hoss Howard online!We were wowed by the talent and appreciate this great start to a fantastic series.  Don’t forget to come out and cheer on the Pea Pickin’ Hearts on Thursday, February 17th.

The 3rd Place winner was Steve Brimsley who sang “Haul His Ass Away” and left us all in stitches. 

The 2nd Place winner was Hoss Howard who sang “Livin in the Sticks.” 


A family-oriented Gulf War Veteran, Howard sings music that is an impressive mix of Southern rock and traditional country.  Enjoy this video of Howard Hoss singing “Livin’ in the Sticks” at Shinefest.

Learn more about Chris McCune online!First Place went to Chris McCune who sang “The Bitter End”. 

Now when it comes to Chris’ pickin’ style, you’ll see his own special effects as his fingers skate across any stringed instrument. It is hard to fit him in any certain  genre with his unique way of cross picking and his different tunesmithing, he fits into many. If you had to select a slot for his music you could fit him under the categories of Americana or Alternate Country, for starters. He is without a doubt, a Folk Troubadour.  Enjoy this video of Chris McCune singing “The Bitter End”.

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3 Responses
  1. January 11, 2011

    Good luck to the Pea Pickin’ Hearts!! We can’t be there physically, but we’ll be there with you in spirit cheering you on! 🙂

  2. January 17, 2011

    Thanks you guys are great. Look forward to see you soon. Hoss

  3. January 17, 2011

    Hoss, we hope you can make it back for more rounds of competition before the semi-finals! See you soon, The Peas

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