CABIN FEVER: Week 2 at the Hard Rock

2011 January 22

See the Pea Pickin' Hearts live at the Hard Rock Gatlinburg on Thursday, February 17th!


The Cabin Fever Singer Songwriter series at the Hard Rock Gatlinburg began last week. The second of a six-night series (February 3, February 17 with Semi-Finals March 3 and Finals March 17) featuring regional artists showcasing original acoustic songs in competition for nightly prizes as well as a series grand prize.

Travers Glarner from Maryville, TN won 3rd Place at Week 2 of Cabin Fever at the Hard Rock!The grand prize includes the following: An 8-hour recording session courtesy of Music Row Studios, Appearances on Writer’s Block , Home Grown, Local Mix at Six, and the main performance stage at the Nashville Songwriter’s Festival on June 4, 2011.

We were wowed by the talent and appreciate this great start to a fantastic series. Don’t forget to come out and cheer on the Pea Pickin’ Hearts on Thursday, February 17th.

The 3rd Place winner was Travers Glarner from Maryville, TN.  Here is a little video of his performance from last year’s Cabin Fever Week 1 competition.

Click to Learn more about Kevin Hyfantis!The 2nd Place winner was Kevin Hyfantis.

Singer and songwriter, Kevin Hyfantis spent his college years locked away in a dorm room or a basement, banging away on a piano and writing lyrics when most would have been partying.  This is the kind of persistence and passion that Kevin maintains today, chasing a melody or a lyric and creating music with The Bishops Band.

It was in college that Kevin was approached by different bands to play keyboards and he learned how to move an audience.  After graduating from The University of Tennessee with a degree in Public Relations, Kevin spent a summer working and rejuvenating in the Dominican Republic with only a bag of clothes and a guitar.

Upon returning to Knoxville, he reconnected with former band mates Shaun Shuetz and Nate Donegan and started writing songs. In order to create a larger sound, the trio called upon the talents of  Josh Hobbs and Ben Cohen.

Learn more about Melanie Reed on Reverbnation!With a new sound and a broader range of possibilities, the band began experimenting with more challenging material, taking Kevin’s songs which deal with demons, lust, love, and God, and turning out an albums worth of material that is set to be released this fall. Enjoy this video of Kevin Hyfantis singing “Right Place, Wrong Time.”

First Place went to Melanie Reed from Johnson City who sang “Hello Chardonnay”.


After two weeks of the boys club, it was great to have a female perspective and voice. 

There was a touch of irony listen to “Goodbye you, Hello chardonnay” while I was sipping my own Chardonnay.

Melanie seems to be a woman of mystery on the web, but you can visit Melanie on ReverbNation to learn more!

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