CABIN FEVER: Week 3 at the Hard Rock

2011 February 9

See the Pea Pickin' Hearts live at the Hard Rock Gatlinburg on Thursday, February 17th!


The Cabin Fever Singer Songwriter series at the Hard Rock Gatlinburg began two weeks ago. The third of a six-night series (February 17 with Semi-Finals March 3 and Finals March 17) featuring regional artists showcasing original acoustic songs in competition for nightly prizes as well as a series grand prize.

The grand prize includes the following:


Become a fan of Jason Ellis on facebook!An 8-hour recording session courtesy of Music Row Studios, Appearances on Writer’s Block , Home Grown, Local Mix at Six, and the main performance stage at the Nashville Songwriter’s Festival on June 4, 2011.

We were wowed by the talent and appreciate this great start to a fantastic series. Don’t forget to come out and cheer on the Pea Pickin’ Hearts on Thursday, February 17th.

The 3rd Place winner was Jason Ellis from Knoxville, TN. Jason is a friend of mine, and I was there to root him on.  I told him honestly that I hoped he won so we could have the pleasure of kicking his butt in the semi-finals, ha.  But all my well wishes only got him to third. Jason is all over the web: Facebook, MySpace, ReverbNation and more.  Here is a little video of his performance at Quaker Steak & Lube from a couple of years ago.

Learn more about Roman Reese online!The 2nd Place winner was Roman Reese.


“The latest release from bar rocker Roman Reese focuses on three simple subjects: Liquor, the Lord, Women and War (LLWW). Ahh, the old staples. Of course, it’s important to remind people that Jesus chose to turn water into wine as his first miracle – so drink up! Women – what’s not to love? And, Reese spent a year in the warm Baghdad sun, giving him honest and first-hand insight into the fog of war. From the root to the fruit, the start to the finish, Listen Before Dialing pounds at the listener.  You’ll hear about copper mine explosions, Cupid’s evil twin brother, epilepsy, the pitfalls of alcohol (on so many levels), and a tasteful comparison of Elvis, Hank Williams, and Jesus. I think that about sums it up. Enjoy.” –press on Roman Reese latest album Listen Before Dialing

If you want to learn more about Roman, head on over to Facebook, listen to Hemlock on YouTube or check out his own site  And, don’t forget to pick up your copy of Listen Before Dialing!

Learn more about Katrina Brown!First Place went to Katrina Brown from West Virginia.


That’s right, folks…  Another female voice took home 1st place on Week 3.

Katrina’s music refuses to be categorized. It is folk infused with rock, pop, jazz, country, blues, and an attitude that it is perfectly normal to combine the entire lot of them. Her lyrics are engaging, wonderfully original, smart, poignant, sometimes hilarious, and always memorable.

Katrina is influenced by all good music but a few of her favorite songwriters are: John Prine, Lucinda Williams, Janis Ian, Greg Brown, Aimee Mann, Shawn Colvin, and Ani DiFranco.

Learn more about Katrina Brown on MySpace Music, become a fan on Facebook, listen to her music on cdBaby or just make the time to come out to the Semi-Finals on Thursday, March 3rd at the Hard Rock Gatlinburg where we plan that you’ll be able to hear the Pea Pickin’ Hearts as well… fingers crossed.

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