Cabin Fever at Hard Rock: Semi Finals!

2011 March 11

See the Pea Pickin' Hearts live at the Hard Rock Gatlinburg on Thursday, March 3rd at the Semi Finals!

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The Cabin Fever Singer Songwriter series at the Hard Rock Gatlinburg continued with the Semi Final round on March 3rd.

This was the fifth of a six-night series and featured regional artists showcasing original acoustic songs in competition for nightly prizes as well as a series grand prize. The Finals are up next on March 17th (St. Patty’s Day) and will feature top four winners from the Semi Final round. 

Here are the results along with a little unexpected video of The Peas.

Learn more about Melanie Reed on Reverbnation!The grand prize
includes the following:

An 8-hour recording session courtesy of Music Row Studios, Appearances on Writer’s Block , Home Grown, Local Mix at Six, and the main performance stage at the Nashville Songwriter’s Festival on June 4, 2011.

We were honored to be amongst the finalists and great company with such talent.  All four finalists were seperated in score by ONE SINGLE POINT.  Don’t forget to come out and cheer during the Finals on March 17th!

Learn more about Roman Reese online!The 4th Place finalist was the lovely Melanie Reed from Johnson City, TN (pictured left)

Melanie was the first place winner of Week 2, and she was also the first female to place in competition!  I can’t wait to hear what she’ll sing at the Finals… fingers crossed that I get to hear a reprise of “Goodbye You, Hello Chardonnay.”

The 3rd Place winner was Roman Reese (pictured right).  Roman was the 2nd Place winner from Week 3!    He had my attention from the first line of the first song: “How do you clean blood from a hard wood floor”– pardon my paraphrasing.  If you want to learn more about Roman, head on over to Facebook, listen to Hemlock or check out his site  And, don’t forget to pick up your copy of Listen Before Dialing!

Click to learn more about Gatlinburg's own Pea Pickin' Hearts!The 2nd Place winners
AGAIN were yours truly,
the Pea Pickin Hearts


We simply had a blast. We started our show with Suspicious–one of my many ramblings about my favorite subject–Jon.  I know, I know, ewwww!  Luckily, our friend Becky captured Suspicious on video… including my explanation that I am not a lush.  Geez…just great.  Thanks, Becky!

But, between songs, I heard the bar bell ringing, and honestly, it made my night. We finished up with “Sky is Blue Truth,” a campy little number written about living in a small town.

Special thanks to all who turned out to cheer for us.
The crowd was deafening.

Is it too much to ask all of you for yet another encore experience as our audience? We’d love to have you come out on March 17th and bring all of your closest friends. No, really, ALL of them. 25% of our score is audience response.  

Learn more about Martha ChristianWe tied the first place winner for audience participation tonight.  So you did your part.  We are just asking for one more repeat.  We promise to sing different songs. And hey, it is St. Patty’s Day to boot! 

First Place went to
Martha Christian.

Martha beat us as the winner of Week 4 too.  I wanna dislike her, really.  But she’s made it REALLY hard.  She’s sweet, talented and the mother of FOUR kids.  Then she had to go and friend me on facebook.  I am convinced that being nice is another part of her shrewd strategy.  We love her.  And we are giving our fans permission to love her too… just not as much as The Peas. 😉

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