A Single Pea on The Voice!

2011 July 18

The Voice on NBC!LA-LA-LA-LA

It seems that Rachel Gibson of the Pea Pickin’ Hearts will be auditioning for The Voice on Friday, July 29th in Nashville, TN. 

Jon and I felt like we each stood a better chance auditioning individually after watching the duo showcases on last year’s season of The Voice.  Jon has opted not to audition… so I’m going on alone.  Jon will be there (because he’s always there to hold my hand), but I’ll be on my own for the audition.  It is only Round 1.  There aren’t any guarantees or celebrity judges.  We are simply taking a little road trip to Nashville. 

I could get a call back.  I could get nothing.  We’ll see…

Keep your fingers
crossed, folks!

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  1. Susie Reynolds permalink
    July 29, 2011

    Hey!!! What sweeties you two are! Thank you so much for the CD..though I still think you should take some dead presidents on paper for it!
    I would really like to keep in touch. I know you two are busy…and I don’t want to seem presumptuous, but I would really, really love to get together and visit, play some music, harmonize, etc….whenever you two have some down time. Here’s hoping your thing in Nashville was/is prosperous, exciting, rewarding…all that. Are you going to be playing the last two weeks of Tunes and Tales? Don’t forget the cast party on the last night. Always fun, good eats and fellowship!!

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