SUMMER winds down…

2011 August 7

Pea Pickin' Heart Jon during Smoky Mountain Tunes N Tales!IT IS STILL HOT
…but not for long

It has been a whirlwind Summer for the Pea Pickin’ Hearts.  We’ve had more fun that we can explain as a part of the Smoky Mountain Tunes ‘N’ Tales program including making new friends Steve and Susie (known on the streets as Earl ‘n’ Pearl).  We were privileged to play The Inn at Christmas Place every Wednesday in July and lots of private shows for parties and celebrations all over town.

The Summer is winding down, and it has been an adventure.  I auditioned for The Voice, and although I didn’t get a call back… Jon and I had a great weekend in Nashville.  We just have three Tunes ‘N’ Tales gigs left, but we are looking forward to great gigs this Fall and Winter.  We are booking new dates every week from private parties to the Hard Rock, so make sure you check back often.

Work has just begun on the new CD.  Yes, we did promise to have it finished by now, but life has been a little hectic.  Be patient… it will be worth it.

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