THE KING lives!

2013 January 8

Happy 78th birthday to the King--Elvis Presley!LONG LIVE
the King

Elvis would have been 78 today.  When he died in 1977, I (Rachel) was 5 years old.  I was in my great aunt Maggie B’s convertible dodge dart (complete with leopard print seat covers) as we pulled into the 7-Eleven station for a gallon of milk or some other miscellaneous thing.  The nose of the car stopped just a couple of feet short of the newspaper box carrying a huge red headline, “The King is Dead.”

My aunt Maggie slumped over the steering wheel and sobbed with grief for this man she didn’t know.  Unknowingly, I learned a valuable lesson that day–the power music holds in everyone’s life.  Maybe “All Shook Up” doesn’t do it for you, but there is a person or a song out there that conjures meaning for you.

In honor of Elvis’ birthday, reach out to a local musician and let them know how much their music means to you.

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