HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY to…

2013 February 19

Tennessee Ernie FordTENNESSEE

Most of you realize that we owe our name, Pea Pickin’ Hearts, to the Original Ol’ Pea-Picker, Tennessee Ernie Ford.

Ernie’s famous line,
“Bless your pea-pickin’ heart!”
has become a

permanent part of our hearts…


…and of Pea Pickin’ Hearts’ performances.

Ernie passed away in October of 1991, but we would rather celebrate the anniversary of his birth, February 13th.  Much like my mother who has a birthday on Valentine’s Day, Ernie’s special day often gets overlooked.

As a thank you, for all of you pea pickers that have stuck with us over the years, enjoy a Ernie’s duet with Kay Starr.  This is how we open every show:  http://youtu.be/h3UB7YSxCX4 .


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