VINTAGE metal!

2013 March 13

1950s Era Dixie BanjoleleBUCKING

There is a new instrument headed the Pea Pickin’ Hearts’ way.  A vintage 1950s-era Dixie banjo ukulele or “banjolele”.  Jon & I have been debating what to buy, but I fell in love with the Dixie model.  I appreciate the simple tuning of the ukulele, but I wanted the volume of a banjo.  So…

A banjolele it is.


Banjo ukuleles parallel banjo construction, on a smaller scale, in terms of overall construction.  They are always fretted.  Most are built of wood with metal accoutrements, although the mid-century “Dixie” brand featured banjoleles made from solid metal.

Mine is solid cast aluminum.  Unconventional construction for an unconventional girl.  I can’t help it. It needs a lot of work, but with a little effort, I’m hoping it will look like the restored one pictured at left.  And for those that would shun a non-wooden banjolele, I’ll just go ahead and let you know… I have chosen to use titanium strings over gut, Nylgut, or nylon strings.  Yep.  I wanted a brighter sound and less maintenance.  So there.

I’m so excited for it to arrive.  I’m hoping it will make stage appearances by late Summer.

Stay tuned!

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