By Request…

2014 February 11

ROCKY TOP, of course

I have to admit that I always love to sing the Tennessee Waltz when a UT fan wearing bright orange requests the State song.  If you weren’t aware, Tennessee has several state songs.  Tennessee just keeps adding songs.  If no one specifies, we usually sing the Tennessee Waltz.  But, inevitably, I feel a little guilty for teasing them and give in and play …Rocky Top, of course.

We were playing Rocky Top in a bar at around midnight in Sevierville, TN one night, and a man that had consumed one too many adult beverages stumbled toward the stage.  Looking back and forth between us, he exclaimed, “That wasn’t half bad considering you don’t have a banjo.” 🙂  We decided to take it as a compliment.

We’re recording a demo CD of covers, and we’ll post a few of the songs here.

Stay tuned & be sure to Share!

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