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2014 July 14

Creekwood Crow CD by the Pea Pickin' HeartsTHE TIMES
have changed

So we have a new CD coming out entitled “Creekwood Crow” (8/13/2014), and we’ve made the decision to only release it digitally.  No, really.  We have more and more people buying music digitally, and we’ve decided to downsize our CD merch case and go digital.  We are going to continue to duplicate specialty CDs like our Christmas in July best seller for retail outlets.  But, our original releases will only be sold via digital download cards at shows or online.  Whatcha think? 

In addition, we are contemplating accepting credit cards at shows for merchandise like CDs & bumperstickers AND for tips.  Would you leave a tip via credit card?

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  1. Elvis McCrary permalink
    July 17, 2014

    I almost never leave remarks, but I wanted you to know going digital is a great move!

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