WRITING for the birds?

2014 August 26

comes together

Our new folk-inspired CD, Creekwood Crow, ended up being bird themed–accidentally.  Now, I am finding endless inspiration from the symbolism of birds.  Thanks to rubberstamps.net! for how great the short run of CD cases look!

The name of the CD is derived from a little creek-side cabin in Townsend, named Creekwood, where we wrote all of the bird-themed songs on the CD. 

 (continues below)Creekwood Crow CD from the Pea Pickin' Hearts!


The 5 days spent at Creekwood resulted in the all the stories:

  • The sparkling dreams of Magpie Mary
  • The song of the TN Mockingbird
  • The passion of the Grouse & Grackle
  • The guardianship of the Ruby cardinal
  • The wisdom of the Crow
  • The safety of the Swallow‘s wings; AND
  • Dark musing with Three Ravens (traditional)


Creekwood Crow Digital Download from the Pea Pickin' Hearts!The other two songs are sort of orphans of another album–started, but too long delayed.

  • Round & Round is an ode to one of our favorite TN/VA haunts– the Bristol Motor Speedway; and
  • Crickets is an ode to musicians everywhere that just keep playing all the while being ignored in sports bars across the world.

Then there’s the bonus track.  We will occasionally change on the bonus track on physical CD, but that the bonus track will change often on the digital download card. 

The CD is $15 at live shows while the digital download card is only $10.  The code on the back will allow you to download everything available on three separate occasions.  So, you can download the CD contents with its current bonus track to your mobile device, home computer, laptop or tablet.  Then wait a few weeks and use your code again to find a new surprise song or maybe even video, photos and more.

Enjoy our newest release Creekwood Crow! 


You can buy the singles or listen free online at ReverbNation.com/peapickinhearts.  Or use the PayPal button below & we will ship either the an autographed Creekwood Crow CD or an autographed Creekwood Crow Download Card to you from Gatlinburg, TN!  All items are shipped within 5 business days (sooner if we aren’t touring) & prices INCLUDE shipping inside the continental US included.

Creekwood Crow CD or Download Card

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