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2014 September 22

SIGHTS & sounds…

There is a lot of video out there of us.  But everyone watches the 2011 Hard Rock Cabin Fever performance in which you can’t really hear or see much.   (continues below)

Pea Pickin' Hearts screen shot by In Focus Studios on the Toyko Rosenthal Radio Program!

So, when we were asked to be guests on the Tokyo Rosenthal Radio Program in early September, we were happy to hear that In Focus Studios (Pittsboro, NC) would be filming the recording of the radio broadcast, per usual.  We are looking forward to edited versions of two of the songs off our new Creekwood Crow CD, Swallow & Swoon AND Crickets from In Focus!

While we have high hopes to film artistic videos for Magpie Mary  and Grouse & Grackle soon, we are also excited to have a little CURRENT documented performance video to release.  Stay tuned!  We’ll have something in the upcoming weeks!

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