Cover Art.

2014 November 13

What’s in a name?

We batted around A LOT of names for our new holiday CD, but in the end, it was Winter Wax that spoke to us.  “Pressing Wax” is 1950s/1960s slang for recording an album–a vinyl album.  Known for our retro sound, we’ve been heavily inspired by rockabilly culture & western swing during these writing & recording sessions.  It seemed only natural that the cover art would suggest a label for a vinyl record. (continues below)

Winter Wax CD from the Pea Pickin' Hearts!

We gave nearly every designer we know an opportunity to talk us out of our fairly obscure title reference, but instead, they echoed our love for both the title and the design direction.  Let us know what YOU think of our new cover art…

We’re hoping to release Winter Wax shortly before Thanksgiving 2015.
Stay tuned for song lists, sample lyrics & more!

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