Our Holiday Wish.

2014 December 22

Pea Pickin' Hearts on stage at Dandridge Pizza!it is time to

When the Pea Pickin’ Hearts play, it is with a literal AND figurative song in our hearts every time we hit the stage.  If we’re having a rough day, a live performance can turn it all around.  If we don’t have a show to perform, then we’re thrilled to listen to others play.  We are inspired by their stories, their energy– by their love for what they do.

On occasion, we have a few listeners in our crowds that look bored.  YES, we’re admitting THAT.  And, we find ourselves working even harder to get them to interact, crack a smile or just make eye contact.  When the show is over, I am always a little afraid when I see the bored, disinterested, unengaged audience member approaching the side of the stage to talk.  It has happened so many times  that by now we should realized what they are going to say, ” You guys are fantastic.  We had such a great time!”.

Pea Pickin' Hearts on the Sound Biscuit Stage at Sevier County Fair!“What? Are you talking to me?”
is what I think glancing
over my shoulder.


We misunderstood.  People misunderstand all the time.  You see, we LIVE to take you away from the rest of what ails, worries and angers you about the world –one 45 minute set at a time.

We forget that you don’t forget, or simply can’t forget.   That anxiety or sadness or worry or simple exhaustion stays with you in the back of your mind.  It is the unwelcome resident that steals your peace and makes you approach the world with your guard up, justifiably.  And while you’ve had a good time, your faces sometimes bear the burden of your exhausted hearts and minds.

Rachel and Jon of the Pea Pickin' Hearts!Our fondest wish for this holiday season &
the upcoming new year
…is peace.


Not WORLD PEACE, although that would be wonderful.  No, we wish a little personal peace for each of you.  Go hear your favorite musician, whomever that may be, and let them transport you somewhere else with a story or a rhyme or a catchy tune.  When you have a little peace, your favorite musician just might get a smile.  And THAT, is truly all we want for Christmas.

All our love to you this holiday season…

♥ ♥ ♥


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