New mics

2015 March 7


So many of you have asked about our microphones on the road.  We’ve used MXL studio condensers in the studio AND on the road for a long time.  They’ve been fantastic and RARELY feedback–despite the fact that condensers are well known for this problem.  But, they have been bounced around in gig cases in the back of cars, vans and trailers for a couple of years.  They are still going strong, but we made the decision to have a different option on stage.  Lookie, lookie what arrived today…

The Pea Pickin' Hearts are trying out Spark Microphones from Blue!

“Blue’s newest professional mic, Spark, is a cardioid, solid-state condenser microphone designed to help you achieve professional quality recordings in any creative environment. Spark features a custom-designed condenser capsule with Class-A discrete electronics resulting in superbly detailed and uncolored output, making it the ideal microphone for recording vocals, drums, guitars, pianos, brass, woodwinds, and just about anything else you can light a fire under.

“A new feature found only on the Spark microphone is the unique Focus Control, providing two different usage modes at the push of a button: the Normal mode (out position) providing increased low frequency sensitivity for recordings with great impact and definition, along with the Focus mode, (in position) for even greater clarity and detail.” –from

When you see us on the road testing them out,
let us know what you think!


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