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2015 May 19

Read More about the Pea Pickin' Hearts in the May 8th edition of the Mountain Press!a little love

Now that we play 200+ shows a year, we spend a lot of time on the road.  And we are always grateful for the love and kindness we encounter while we’re away from home.  To those of you that have welcomed us into your homes, restaurants, listening rooms, theaters, radio stations & studios…

We can never say
“THANK YOU” enough.


But sometimes, the love from a hometown crowd, or newspaper in this case, touches our heart.  And, on May 6th, we were happy to spend a little time talking to Kenneth Burns from The Mountain Press talking about our songwriting process, time spent on the road and future plans–plus how it all got start.  If you aren’t local to Sevier County, you may have missed it.  Click to download a .pdf file of the article to read for yourself.

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