2015 June 4

Coming Soon... Last Words, a new CD from the Pea Pickin' Hearts!On the road…

We’re headed out on tour again–Virginia, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, and even Michigan.  (Next year we hope to expand out to Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana & Arkansas.)  This year we expect to play more than 200 shows–all because of your support.

We need your help
with our
Last Words.


We’ve written a handful of songs that seem to be bound by the thin string of family–as seen through softer, more forgiving eyes.  We all suffer from the disease of “busy”.  That daily rush often mutes the light of the characters that exist in all our lives.  The quirky family members, from the dark sheep, rarely seen, to the wacky neighbor, not to be ignored.  “Last Words” is a reflection on how all that quirkiness forms the best parts of who we are.

Pre-Order a t-shirt from the Pea Pickin' Hearts!Watch our video
about the project. 


The soundtrack to the video is a rough, scratch-track of the title-song, Last Words, a tribute to a beloved Vietnam Veteran in our own family.  We are reaching out to you and asking you to invest in us.

Our budget is $6,890


…which is actually far less than what we really need to FULLY LAUNCH  a full-length CD, but it WILL allow us to finish recording & add a few guest musicians, mix & master our CD, design artwork, and ship out all the pre-orders and perks to our favorite people… the fans that got us to this point.

  • $3000 – Recording (studio time, guest musicians, etc.)
  • $2100 – Duplication (CDs, jackets & download cards)
  • $1100 – Perks & Pre-orders (CDs, t-shirts, shipping, etc.)
  • $690 – Fees (Credit card, PayPal & IndieGogo)

We truly appreciate the loyalty and trust that you give us by contributing to this CD sight unseen, so we are designing some perks into this pre-order as a way of thanking you…even Jon’s hollandaise recipe or a house concert.  Perks start at only $5, but we realize that not everyone can afford even the $5.  You can still help us spread the work by sharing our project at  Thank you!

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All you need is love & more of the Pea Pickin' Hearts!

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