A Grand Auditorium.

2015 August 25

what a genuinely SWEET SURPRISE

Jon receives a lot of comments about his EJ-200, Epiphone’s jumbo auditorium-style guitar.  It is huge, both literally & figuratively.  It is physically an arm full, but it also has a huge acoustic sound that we think compliments our style as a duo.  Imagine our surprise when songwriter Greg “Jerzee” Daust shows up to our house to teach us one of his songs… carrying the same model. (continues below)

Jon with Greg Daust--both play an EJ-200!

I couldn’t resist documenting the pair of them, ha.  By the way, we are super excited to try out Greg’s tune “I Don’t Want You to Love Me” while we are on the road in September.  If you want to hear it…

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