Ashley Lodge Photography.

2015 August 29


With a new CD release eminent, and with the loss of all my hair in a hotel bathroom in Ohio (yes, the tour really was THAT hot), new pictures of the Peas seemed like a no-brainer.  In stepped Ashley Lodge of Ashley Lodge Photography (Morristown, TN).  She had taken pictures of friends that we loved (the pics & the friends), and we thought we’d give it a try.  The results are in... (continues below)

The Pea PIckin' Hearts as photographed by Ashley Lodge Photography in Morristown, TN!

Not only did Ashley make the process comfortable for us, she chose a fantastic location–The Meeting Place Country Store Museum & Ice Cream Shoppe (Morristown, TN).  The folks at The Meeting Place stayed late, gave us un-restricted access and provided the sort of authentic background that even the best set designer would be hard pressed to recreate.  We always love the feel of black & white for our promotional pics because it gives us the opportunity to place the emphasis on the logos of the places we play and the dates & times that get people out to shows.  We even chose another black & white version of one of Ashley’s images for our new header for our website & social media pages (above). But, take a look at this color… (continues below)

The Pea Pickin' Hearts at The Meeting Place Country Store Museum & Ice Cream Shoppe!

We are thankful to have been able to work with such wonderful folks, and we have such a soft spot for Morristown and the kindness of everyone we’ve had the pleasure in this little pearl of a town. We will be there again soon to entertain folks at the Farm to Table dinner at the new completed Morristown Farmers Market on September 13th.  We hope to see you there…

Stay tuned for add’l pics from
the shoot with
Ashley Lodge Photography!

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