Making Beaming Smiles.

2015 September 9

The Pea Pickin' Hearts at The Meeting Place Ice Cream Shoppe by Ashley Lodge Photography!How do we say

We never cease to be amazed by the constant, enduring generosity of Pea Pickin’ Hearts supporters.  Recently, much of that love & support has come from a lovely little Tennessee town, Morristown.  Our recent photographs were taken by Ashley Lodge Photography at  The Meeting Place Country Store, both in Morristown.  (Click the adorable shot at left to see it larger.)  We’ve sung at the Farmer’s Market, a car show, the unveiling of a re-furbished Coca-Cola ghost sign & we still have a Farm to Table Dinner on September 13th.  Those events were all hosted by different non-profit organizations, like Crossroads Downtown Partnership, that need sponsors to produce events.  We don’t always know who the sponsors are, but sometimes they reach out to us. Morristown Pediatric Dentistry did just that.

"Making Beaming Smiles" a children's CD by the Pea Pickin' Hearts, sponsored by Morristown Pediatric Dentistry!In an effort to continue to support us, they reached out to us wanting to post a children’s song sung by us to social media only to learn that we’ve never recorded a children’s album.  There are a number of traditional children’s songs that we would love to put our spin on; however, without a built-in audience, recording a CD for the little ones has never been realistic. But,  we are proud to report that with the sponsorship of Dr. Aleighia Helderman & the wonderful staff of Morristown Pediatric Dentistry, we will begin recording “Making Beaming Smiles”, a Pea Pickin’ Hearts children’s CD very soon.  If everything goes our way, we should be able to release the CD mid-November.

Stay tuned for updates on recording!



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