Time to party.

2015 September 16

SORRYbut you’re not invited.

On Thursday, we’ve been given the honor of playing for a private party to celebrate the opening of an addition to something somewhere that shall remain nameless, ha.  We ARE honored when chosen to usher in the BEGINNING of anything–from a business to a wedding.  Beginnings are happy & hopeful, and it is an honor when we are the first music that comes to mind after happy & hopeful. (continues below)

Learn how to have a FREE private party with the Pea Pickin' Hearts!

Even though we can’t bring you with us on Thursday, you CAN have us for your own private party– for FREE.   If you are interested in hosting a FREE house concert, contact us by email to find out more about how house concerts work.  Don’t live near East Tennessee?  That’s okay.  We’re on the road all the time.  We’ll eventually get to wherever you are, we promise.

Contact us!

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