great RANKS.

2016 January 23

VIRGINIA, here we come maybe not

Postponed at BoneFire Smokehouse in Abingdon, VA!

We are so honored and proud to be added to a list of fantastic performers that have been featured on the Bone Fire Smokehouse stage.  Plus, we’re thrilled to have Rick Dollar from join us.  Check them out for the best in streaming web radio, music interviews, news & podcasts. (continues below)

Hear the Pea Pickin' Hearts at Bone Fire Smokehouse in Abingdon, VA!

Located in the old Withers Hardware building in downtown Abingdon, VA, the Bone Fire Smokehouse is known for the two things it does best, varietal barbecue sauce and great live music.  The Pea Pickin’ Hearts are proud to be a part of this tradition. 

Show starts at 6pm
on Sunday, January 24th!


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