Welcome ontheAIRadio.com!

2016 January 28


We are so excited about TODAY’S debut of ontheAIRadio.com!  Appalachian Independent Radio (AIRadio) plays music & artists exclusively produced by independent musicians.

Hear the Pea Pickin' Hearts at ontheAIRadio.com!

The Pea Pickin’ Hearts are proud to have our lastest album, Last Words, in rotation at ontheAIRadio.com!  From comedy to travel, live musical recordings to talk shows, all of the programming on AIRadio is original.  We enjoyed recording a handful of 15-second promo spots for this station.  Give a listen to the first two:

“AIRadio Promo” by the Pea Pickin’ Hearts (Rachel):


“AIRadio Promo” by the Pea Pickin’ Hearts (Jon):

From their headquarters in the heart of Appalachia (WV), AIRadio broadcasts worldwide 24/7.

Listen to the Pea Pickin’ Hearts on AIRadio!




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