TEAM ADAM: I got legs

2016 March 6

Have you heard? Adam Gorlitsky says, “I got legs”. 

Nearly 10 years ago, he was told he’d never walk again due to a spinal cord injury he sustained from a car accident on December 30, 2005. Well, he finally has something to say to them…”I GOT LEGS!”.  His new legs come in the form of a robotic exoskeleton, called ReWalk, that gives him the ability to walk again. He plans to use the robotic exoskeleton April 2, 2016 and become the first paralyzed man ever to walk one of the country’s largest 10k’s, The Cooper River Bridge Run. (continues below)

The Pea Pickin' Hearts support Adam Gorlitsky & the Team Adam: I Got Legs campaign!

His mission while on this journey is to raise awareness about the ReWalk robotic exoskeleton and to raise money that will help empower and connect people of all disabilities to help bridge the gap between what it means to be disabled and able-bodied.

The Pea Pickin’ Hearts, GigDawg, This is Noteworthy, and the Cooper River Bridge Run are proud to play a part in that journey.  Donate any amount, and you get to download from all the bands curated for the Cooper River Bridge Run!  A portion of proceeds from each download goes to the cost of Adam’s ReWalk exoskeleton that he’ll be using for the race.

TODAY (March 6th),
Adam Gorlitsky is training for the Cooper River Bridge Run
while listening to the Pea Pickin’ Hearts.  GO ADAM GO!

Donate & Download HERE!




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