Will sing for ERNIE…

2016 April 13

Please help us #saveERNIE!Not much time left…

Our efforts continue to #saveErnie our persnickety retro RV that is still stranded in Wytheville, VA while he is being repaired.  Great news!  We had a donor contact us & volunteer to pay most of the cost of Ernie’s engine, so now we have to cover the installation.  Please note that we adjusted our fundraising goal to $3800 (down from $6,100) to reflect the news.  We have about one week to go before Ernie is well again. For the full story, check out our #saveERNIE page in the toolbar above or visit Crowdrise. If you want to help, here are some options:

Support us via Crowdrise, a crowd-funding site much like GoFundMe. (We chose Crowdrise because the fees are only 3% compared to 8% elsewhere.)  Please visit our Crowdrise campaign at tinyurl.com/saveERNIErv.

You can now WIN a House Concert
with the Pea Pickin’ Hearts! 


Because we are touring the country this summer, we can sing for you & as many friends as you can stuff in your house or backyard… almost anywhere in the U.S. (including but not limited to TN, KY, NC, VA, WV, MD, PA, NY, VT, Montreal, IN, OH, IL, MN, ND, MT, ID, WA, CA, AZ, TX, LA & AL.)

The only rules:  Donate at least $10 & be located within 250 miles of a tour date. (email us if you have a question about whether we will be near you this summer!)  Deadline Monday, April 25 at Midnight EST.  Winner will be announced on Tuesday, April 26th via website & social media!

We are overwhelmed by your continuing support!

Thank you!  –Rachel & Jon

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