UT Farmers Market

2016 July 20
by The Pea Pickin' Hearts

The Pea Pickin' Hearts LOVE UT Farmers Market!

We had so much fun Wednesday at the UT Farmers Market. Thanks to all the vendors for the ‪#‎veggies‬, ‪#‎vegan‬ ‪#‎tamales‬, ‪#‎handcrafted‬ ‪#‎soap‬, ‪#‎pottery‬ & tomatoes‬, tomatoes, #tomatoes.  And yes, that IS Jon playing barefoot.

The Pea Pickin’ Hearts will be back at the UT Farmers Market
once a month through the Fall… come see us.


You are what you eat (& listen to), right?


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