Last Words.

Last Words, released September, 2015, by the Americana duo, the Pea Pickin' Hearts!
Last Words
the Pea Pickin' Hearts'
©2015 Americana release

The rush of "busy" can mute the characters in all our lives-- odd family & dark sheep. "Last Words" reflects on how that quirkiness forms the best part of who we are. This is an album of quirky kinfolk seen through smiling eyes.

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Click titles for lyrics, credits & liner notes:
1. Maybe Not This Time
2. Somethin's Fishy
3. Last Words (second single)
4. Cut a Rug
5. Sweet Dumplin' Rose
6. Land of Grace
7. Hand Me Down Life
8. Loonie Bird (first single)
9. Don't Be Blue, co-written by Fish Fisher
10. Come to Alvina's
11. eBay (bonus) written by A. Neumann